Frequently Asked Questions

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To help answer your queries we’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you’d like to know more you may like to read Our Story or email us directly.

Who founded Barker's?

Anthony Barker started making elderberry wine in a converted cowshed on his Geraldine farm. Neither the elderberry wine nor the strawberry and gooseberry wine that he made survived the test of time, but they were pioneering fruit products in every respect. 50 years later, Barker’s products are still made in Geraldine and still a champion of the New Zealand Grower, using local fruit and vegetables first and foremost.

Who owns Barker's of Geraldine?

n 2015, Barker Fruit Processors sold a majority stake to family-owned French company Andros, with Michael Barker (son of founder, Anthony Barker) retaining a significant shareholding and is chairman. Andros is the world’s leader in premium jam, maker of the famous Bonne Maman brand at its home factory in Biars, a small town of 2,000 people in the French countryside. 

Still very much made in New Zealand, Barker’s factory, brands and products continues to be produced in Geraldine with the same staff and recipes as before.

Where is Barker's situated?

We are still on a corner of the old Barker family farm, 8km from the picturesque town of Geraldine in South Canterbury. The Four Peaks mountain range looks down on us. The Geraldine district is where the Barker family has lived for 6 generations; our staff come from the district all around us, this is where we source our blackcurrants and where our factory and offices are located.

How many people does Barker's employ?

Barker’s is proud to be the largest employer in Geraldine, with approximately 170 employees.

Where can I buy Barker's products?

In Australia, Barker's products are available in a range of retailers depending on which range you are looking for. 

Jams & Curds: Available in Coles and Woolworths supermarkets, in the spreads aisle (please check product page as some flavours are only available in specific retailers). 
Compotes: Available in Coles, in the tinned fruit aisle. 
Sauces & Chutneys: Available in select Independent Supermarkets

You can also purchase pick 'n' mix packs of the Barker's New Zealand range via our online shop.