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  1. DIY Wind Catcher

    REUSE, RECYCLE, REPURPOSE!Celebrate the explosion of Spring colour in your garden with these fabulous Wind Catchers! Let your imagination run wild and decorate with different colour washi tapes and ribbons – the sky is the limit!What you need:Barker’s Jam or Curd PotWashi tape in rainbow coloursRibbon 1cm wide in various coloursA thumbtack and nailHow toRead more

  2. Lavender Candle

    Bring the smell of spring into your home with these lovely lavender candles – they are so easy to make and a great present. Get creative and experiment with other dried herbs such as rosemary and thyme.What you’ll need:Barker’s Tomato RelishTwo pillar candles 8cm height x 3.5 – 4cm diameter, (if you can’t find theRead more

  3. Indulge in Barker’s new family favourite Dessert Sauces range

    It’s time to meet the new family favourite range of Barker’s New Zealand Dessert Sauces. The range includes three mouth-watering flavours – Rich Chocolate Sauce, Butterscotch Caramel Sauce and Luscious Strawberry Sauce.Proudly produced in the small town of Geraldine at the foothills of the Southern Alps New Zealand, the Dessert Sauces are made to indulge.Read more

  4. A Taste of the Tropics with Barker’s New Zealand’s New Passionfruit Curd

    It’s time to salivate and celebrate the tropical flavours from the Pacific Rim in the comfort of your own home! The rising trend has seen vibrant tropical fruits such as guava, dragon fruit and passionfruit making their way into smoothies, acai bowls and cocktails on Australian shores.Now food lovers and home cooks can enjoy theirRead more

  5. History of Lemon Curd

    Lemon Curd is a hot item on the recipe pages of magazines the world over. Is it a curd, butter, honey or cheese? We check it out! ‘Lemon Curd’ is originally English in origin dating back to the early 1800’s. The recipe back then was rather literal and not at all how we’d think ofRead more

  6. Barker's New Zealand NEW fruit compotes

    Fruit Compotes have arrived!

    We are delighted to launch our new range of fruit compotesWhat is a compote?A compote is simply preserved or cooked fruit. Your mum probably called it stewed fruit, so compote is just a new name for an old favourite. Compote is French for ‘mixture’ and back in medieval Europe it was a dessert of wholeRead more

  7. Vegan-Friendly Products

    Although we’re not vegan certified,  Barker’s New Zealand  are pleased to confirm that large number of our retail products available in your local supermarket are vegan-friendly. The following products sold in Australia contain no animal products.WHAT IS VEGANISM?While a lot more restrictive than a vegetarian diet, a vegan diet relies on plant-based foods.  No meat, no animalRead more

  8. Mocktails – celebrating Dry July

    We know that time off from alcohol has many benefits: your wallet, better sleep, more energy and no hangovers!Last July it was reported that an average of 11,181 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer. Dry July raises funds to go towards cancer support organisations across Australia, to help improve patient comfort, care and wellbeing.Whatever yourRead more

  9. Juicy Blackcurrant Research

    Juicy Blackcurrant Research

    Juicy research pinpoints New Zealand blackcurrant role in diabetes preventionRegistered nutritionist Sheena Hendon reports on the finding of juicy new research pinpointing New Zealand blackcurrant’s potential role in the treatment of this serious, yet preventable disease.The race is on to find ways to prevent or delay diabetes, and that is why, once again, research highlightingRead more

  10. 2018 Product of the Year – a delicious recognition

    We are delighted, to say the least, to have won at the 2018 Product of the Year awards in the beverage category. Not just one of our delicious cordials, but all three!  Thanks you for all your support Australia!Each year, the Product of the Year Awards judge different items sold in Australia to find theRead more

  11. Soy Sauce vs Tamari

    We thought it would be helpful to explain the difference between soy sauce and tamariHow do they differ?Soy sauce and tamari taste similar. They both add a rich, salty and savoury flavour to food. They’re both used in cooking and as a condiment.Both sauces are made from soybeans. The main difference is the presence ofRead more

  12. Barker's of New Zealand Jam Range

    New Look & Name for Australian Market

    Anathoth Farm has re-launched with a new look and name to Barker’s New Zealand. Same jam pot, same people, new name.PRESS RELEASE, JUNE 2017:The name change delivers customers a more consistent brand offering across all Barker’s New Zealand products, and echoes the on-farm production, time-honoured jam making traditions and the family heritage behind the muchRead more

  13. Squeezed Juice

    At Barker’s we have a philosophy to use squeezed juices when we can because it delivers the best taste!What are Squeezed Juices?They are juices released from fruit which has been pressed. We have the same type of press than many wineries use. It works at low pressures to gently massage the juice out of fruit.Read more

  14. Natural colours & flavours

    Have you ever looked at a list of ingredients and wondered?In food, ‘artificial’ generally means  ingredients made to copy ingredient created naturally, rather than using the real thing. Barker’s have a firm belief not to add artificial colours and flavours to our delicious products. Occasionally, when necessary, Barker’s do add NATURAL colours and flavours toRead more

  15. Sweets for your Sweet

    Sweets for your Sweet

    Annabelle White shares her tips and tricks:The perfect dinner has a luscious finale – a sweet treat providing great energy and yet tantalisingly joyous to savour.Little wonder people feel cheated and ‘upset’ if the meal ends without a pudding.  A famous quote suggests “order dessert first, as life is uncertain”!Many diners will admit they ploughRead more

  16. redcurrants

    Tavendale Farms, Redcurrants

    Meet James – Tavendale FarmsRedcurrants may not be commonplace throughout New Zealand yet grower James Tavendale harvests 25 tonne of these delicious berries each year from his 3 hectare planting in Ashburton, Mid Canterbury.Tavendale Farms have been growing redcurrants and blackcurrants for Barker’s for some 35 years and James has been a major part ofRead more

  17. Yen Ben Lemons

    T&G’s Redcliffs Orchard, Lemons

    Meet Pieter – Redcliffs OrchardPieter Traas is a Yen Ben specialist, the varietal of lemons grown by T&G on 54 hectares in Kerikeri , Northland (three hours north of Auckland). Sort after for their thin skins and high juice content, Yen Ben lemons are a popular choice for drink manufacturers and the perfect hero forRead more

  18. You Say

    Our newly crafted Fruit Botanical cordials have hit Coles shelves!  So, what do you think?Taste TestingI do like the products and appreciate that there are no preservatives or artificial colours. As an asthmatic and generally allergic type of person I am always on the lookout for things without numbers in them. I look forward toRead more

  19. New 500ml fruit cordials

    Squeezed Fruit & Botanicals to Australia

    Our ‘pledge of commitment’ Barker’s of New Zealand is proud to launch a new and improved range of products to the shores of Australia and therefore we felt it important to pledge our commitment to making fabulous farm-made cordials, jams and condiments for all Australians to enjoy! As the top selling cordial in New Zealand,Read more

  20. Our Story, behind the scenes

    Every brand that has an authentic story should tell it. We were really excited when we found the right people to help us do that. The team at Ruff & Tumble have created this most fabulous video which tells Michael’s story – our story.Here’s a bit of what happened behind the scenes.While the forecast tauntedRead more

  21. Iron Chef Shellie

    Meet our creative culinarian

    We love creating new and delicious recipes using our fruit cordials and often call upon the wonderful talent of ‘Iron Chef Shellie’ to help.Not only are the recipes mouth-watering they look incredible too. Based in Melbourne, here is a little more about our fabulous foodie, Shellie Froidevaux.Perhaps Shellie’s appreciation for good food started young! SheRead more

  22. Ice Spheres: entertainers’ delight

    The humble ice cube has come of age.One ice ‘cube’ making a resurgence is the Ice Sphere (aka Ice Ball) adding flair to summer entertaining.Some people like a splash of water in their whisky, while others like an ice cube or two to chill it (which inevitably melts and dilutes the whisky over time, muchRead more

  23. mcfarlane farm

    McFarlanes Blackcurrants

    The McFarlane’s have been growing blackcurrants for decadesMeet Hamish. He’s our local blackcurrant grower you will have clocked in our video. The McFarlane’s have been growing blackcurrants for generations and supplying Barker’s for decades. Their farm comprises more than 100 hectares of delicious blackcurrants destined for our delicious Squeezed NZ Blackcurrants fruit cordial. Hamish’s parents,Read more

  24. Fruit illustration

    Meet our illustrator

    Meet Phill Small. He is the creative talent behind our delicious fruit cordial illustrations gracing our 500ml premium crafted cordials.Phill grew up in South Africa, immigrated to New Zealand in 1996 and now lives in Sydney. What’s your favourite childhood memory of your hometown?I grew up on a Game reserve so we spent holidays ridingRead more

  25. Edible Flowers

    Edible Flowers: Blooming Beautiful

    Not only do edible flowers smell and look great, numerous varieties can be easily grown spray-free in your backyard. We investigate how to grow, how to prepare and how to use.Our creative ancestors were curious, forging the use of flowers for medicinal benefits as well as culinary ones. Ancient Greek, Roman and Chinese herbalists recordedRead more

  26. Happy Fundraising!

    So many groups and so many fundraising activities!It is always delightful to receive photos from the charity and community groups we support through product sponsorship. From cycling to endurance runs, raffles to school camps, pipe bands to pink hikes – there are so many ways to raise funds for important issues and community projects.We’ve beenRead more

  27. Kiwi Blackcurrants in the News

    Kiwi blackcurrants in the News

    Secret revealed : Which fruit may give a longer life?Not only are New Zealand blackcurrants packed with flavour, it seems that, regardless of how you consume them, they are also bursting with goodness. Research indicates that they may have many amazing nutritional and therapeutic benefits and that’s why Barker’s only use New Zealand blackcurrants inRead more

  28. Living with Parkinson's

    Learning to Live with Parkinson’s

    Gerald shares his personal journey on blackcurrants and managing Parkinson’s disease. In his words:When I read reports of new research into the potentially positive effects of Blackadder juice [Blackadder varietal of blackcurrants grown in New Zealand] on cognitive functions affected by Parkinson’s disease, I was intrigued. I have Parkinson’s and over the last twenty yearsRead more

  29. Blackcurrants – the answer to endurance sports muscle cramp and fatigue?

    A Canterbury blackcurrant farmer cum practicing science consultant, Jane Lancaster, might have uncovered a way…to reduce lactic acid build up leading to muscle cramp and hence assist endurance athletes to improve performance.The NZ Blackcurrant Cooperative asked Lancaster to review international scientific evidence from clinical trials using blackcurrants in order to understand how an extract ofRead more

  30. Blackcurrant harvesting

    Do blackcurrants have a role supporting a healthy immune system?

    Plenty of research substantiates blackcurrants potential role in strengthening and supporting a healthy immune system…including a study that identified a compound in these wee power punched berries that stimulates macrophages – cells which play a dual role in our body immune defence system.The Japanese research found that the fruit juice of blackcurrant contained a substance,Read more

  31. Athlete recovery

    Blackcurrants role in recovery of athletes

    According to New Zealand research, blackcurrants may help athletes recover from the impact of exercise.A preliminary study by the New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research found signs that an extract derived from New Zealand-grown blackcurrants, taken before and after exercise, could minimise muscle damage and inflammation, and support a healthy immune system.New ZealandRead more

  32. Respiratory Health

    Breathe Easy: Blackcurrant’s potential role in respiratory health

    Eating blackcurrants may help allergy-induces asthma sufferers breathe more easily by working with the body’s immune system to reduce inflammation in the lungs, claim New Zealand scientists.Research from New Zealand’s Plant and Food Research laboratories has shown evidence that chemicals in the berry may work with the bodies’ natural defences to attack the causes ofRead more

  33. Blackcurrants

    Anthocyanin antioxidant activity of NZ blackcurrants

    What does high anthocyanin antioxidant activity of NZ blackcurrants mean for our health?Dr Carolyn Lister of the New Zealand Institute for Crop and Food Research has shown that premium New Zealand blackcurrants have a higher total antioxidant activity than the European bilberry, which has often been reported as having the richest antioxidant levels of fruitRead more

  34. Blackcurrants

    Are blackcurrants beneficial for the heart?

    In 2004, an estimated 17.1 million people died from cardiovascular disease (CVD), mainly from heart disease and stroke.This number is expected to increase to 23.6 million people in 2030. However, the increased consumption of fruits and vegetables has been associated with a decreased risk of CVD, most likely due to the abundance and variety ofRead more