2018 Product of the Year – a delicious recognition

We are delighted, to say the least, to have won at the 2018 Product of the Year awards in the beverage category.

Not just one of our delicious cordials, but all three! 

Thanks you for all your support Australia!

Each year, the Product of the Year Awards judge different items sold in Australia to find the best product in a number of different categories. For the 2018 awards, 13,000 Australians were surveyed by Nielsen to help determine the winning products.

Product of the YearBarker’s of New Zealand took out the top spot in the Beverages Award category with Squeezed Lemon with Lime, Cucumber & Mint, Squeezed Blackcurrants and Squeezed Redcurrants with Cranberry & Pomegranate from our 500ml fruit botanical range sold in Coles across Australia.

Anthony Barker started the business 48 years ago on the family farm. Innovation is in our DNA, starting with Anthony’s cask aged Dry Elderberry table wine made from locally picked, wild berries.

Every day we challenge ourselves to be nimble and innovative and are delighted to continue to bring excitement and flavour to food.

“We were trying to make a really, sophisticated beverage and we think we’ve nailed it. We’ve used squeezed juice, not from concentrate. We actually squeezed the cucumbers – we brought five tonne of cucumbers, threw them in the press and hoped like hell, and it worked brilliantly.” says Michael Barker.

We love to innovate in the food and beverage arena and will continue to do this with much pride and enthusiasm.