DIY Wind Catcher


Celebrate the explosion of Spring colour in your garden with these fabulous Wind Catchers! Let your imagination run wild and decorate with different colour washi tapes and ribbons – the sky is the limit!

What you need:
  • Barker’s Jam or Curd Pot
  • Washi tape in rainbow colours
  • Ribbon 1cm wide in various colours
  • A thumbtack and nail
How to make a Wind Catcher:

1. First, remove the lid and label and thoroughly dry your pot.
2. Next, create a series of holes around the opening of the pot, about 0.5cms from the lip. You can do this by taking a thumbtack, and gently pressing into the plastic until you have a small hole – be careful not to press too hard or quick as it can crack the plastic. Go through this hole with your nail to make it large enough that you can thread ribbon through. Continue around the pot, until you have around 12 holes that are evenly spaced. You’ll also need to put a hole in the centre of the bottom of the pot – this is so you can hang your windcatcher. TIP: You can also use a lighter to gently warm up the tip of the thumbtack and nail so it pierces the plastic easier.

3. Colour your preserve pot by taking your Washi tape in rainbow colours and begin sticking strips of different colours around the pot – you can choose any colour variation you like!   

4. Cut lengths of ribbon around 20 – 30cms – cut the ends on an angle so it’s less likely to fray, and easier to insert into the holes. Push the ribbon through each of the holes and pull through – if you’re having trouble pushing the ribbon through the small hole, you can use a toothpick to help. You can secure the ribbon with a granny knot, or just leave loose like these.

5. Finally, thread one more ribbon around 60cm long through the hole in the bottom of the bottle. When it’s halfway through, tie a knot on the inside of the pot so you can hang from your favourite tree. Tie a bell onto the bottom of the ribbon if you like!

6. Hang your Windcatcher from your favourite tree!