Meet our creative culinarian

We love creating new and delicious recipes using our fruit cordials and often call upon the wonderful talent of ‘Iron Chef Shellie’ to help.

Not only are the recipes mouth-watering they look incredible too. Based in Melbourne, here is a little more about our fabulous foodie, Shellie Froidevaux.

Perhaps Shellie’s appreciation for good food started young! She has vivid memories of riding her bike with her Dad on a Sunday morning on an adventure to the Swiss Bakery and riding back with an abundance of pastries to share with her Mum.

Her passion for the kitchen came to fruition some 10 years ago however when she started blogging, wanting to learn how to cook for when she moved out of the family home.

Foodies are often creative individuals and it comes as no surprise that not only is Shellie a talented cook, food stylist and food photographer, she’s a graphic designer too (in fact, from a very young age she wanted to be a cartoonist).

Iron Chef Shellie
“I don’t shoot portraits, I won’t do weddings, I don’t do real estate and please don’t ever ask me to photograph your puppy dog! I love food, I shoot food, I style food and I will travel the world in search of food inspiration ….. it’s all about the food.”

We love Shellie’s sentiment!

As a freelancer there is no such thing as a typical day for Shellie. One day she could be at home developing and photographing recipes, the next she could be at a restaurant shooting the menu, or somewhere in Arctic Sweden, cooking Arctic char on an open flame!

Being self-employed means there is really no such thing as a weekend either. Although she loves the idea of a good sleep in or a lazy day on the couch, there are few opportunities for that. There’s always something on the go!

Inspired by social media and chatting to people, collaborating with others also helps spark recipe creativity.

Check out some of Shellie’s wonderful mouth-watering recipe development work she’s created for us using our fruit cordials:

As well as taking on recipe development and food photography work, Shellie runs food styling/photography throughout the year with her partner and editorial photographer, Ewen Bell. Several days of immersive workshops means attendees are not only fed amazing food, but taught the foundations of food photography, building friendships and confidence along the way.

Iron Chef Shellie