Squeezed Fruit & Botanicals to Australia

Our ‘pledge of commitment’

Committment to Great FoodBarker’s of New Zealand is proud to launch a new and improved range of products to the shores of Australia and therefore we felt it important to pledge our commitment to making fabulous farm-made cordials, jams and condiments for all Australians to enjoy!

As the top selling cordial in New Zealand, Barker’s introduced our range of fruit syrups into Coles supermarkets back in 2013. After some success we realised there was opportunity to do better.

During 2016 we chatted to a bunch of Australians and asked them what was missing from the cordial aisle of their supermarket. They told us they needed something to make drinking water easier. They wanted a cordial that was exciting and appealing to them. They wanted a grown up offering made with interesting fruit blends that quenched their thirst without being overly sweet and without a whole lot of unnecessary flavours, colours and sweeteners.

So, we listened and got cracking in our development kitchen.

We created a range of premium crafted cordials made from squeezed fruits and a touch of botanicals. Rather than using fruit concentrates, we select fruits and squeeze them to create an intense juice which we then blend with complementary fruits and botanicals.

Barker's Fruit Botanicals in AustraliaCompared to how we traditionally made cordials, we’ve taken out some sugar to ensure the result is a dry finish that begs you to enjoy another glass without guilt and urges you to voice our appreciation with a refreshing ‘aaaah’.

You’ll find our range in Coles and online for Australia-wide delivery in our pick-and-mix packs.

A word from Michael Barker:

Back in the old days cordials were made with seasonal fruits which were cooked to soften before straining overnight through a jelly bag. The clear juice would then be heated with sugar and hot bottled. The recipe is similar to jam making, with approximately equal parts of fruit and sugar. I well remember helping Dad hang a big jelly bag from a sturdy hook in the ceiling of our wash-house to extract juices from the fruit we had picked. Some was used to make fruit syrups, some was used to make fruit wine, and some fruit avoided the jelly bag and made its way into the jam pan!

But for the past 50 years, cheap cordials have been sold commercially with very little fruit and a lot of artificial colour and flavour.

Our mission to reintroduce premium cordials began with Barker’s Blackcurrant Syrup which Dad and I launched in 1981. That was the culmination of my first year working full time in the family business. And now we’ve taken cordials full circle with the launch of these 3 premium crafted cordials which I hope my Dad would have been very proud of if only he was still around to try them. The word cordial can refer to a variety of fruit and botanical based drinks, including alcoholic liqueurs.

Dad used to make alcoholic cordials too, but we suggest you mix these with soda water and after 5pm; you can choose to add a splash of gin or vodka or whatever you fancy!
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