New Look & Name for Australian Market

Anathoth Farm has re-launched with a new look and name to Barker’s New Zealand. Same jam pot, same people, new name.


The name change delivers customers a more consistent brand offering across all Barker’s New Zealand products, and echoes the on-farm production, time-honoured jam making traditions and the family heritage behind the much loved brand.

Fans will be glad to know that the same preserve-making process used for over 25 years – slow-cooked, batch-made – remains the same, delivering nostalgic “just like homemade” taste and texture.

The entire Barker’s New Zealand product offering in Australia now has a consistent look and feel across the range of Squeezed Fruit + Botanicals crafted cordial, jams and curds.

The new look packaging features beautifully illustrated hanging fruit, hand drawn by local Sydney creative talent Phill Small.

Still in the same distinctive plastic pottle, the farm-made range below is widely available from Coles and Woolworths stores nationwide and at our online store:
Barker’s New Zealand – Apricot Jam
Barker’s New Zealand – Boysenberry Jam
Barker’s New Zealand – Lemon Curd
Barker’s New Zealand – Raspberry Jam
Barker’s New Zealand – Strawberry Jam
Barker’s New Zealand – Three Berry Jam


We had not planned on changing the brand name from Anathoth to Barker’s, but recently we had a bit of a dilemma.

My father and I have spent our lives striving to make the best tasting fruit cordials and preserves in the NZ marketplace. However with limited resource, building two separate brands in Australia became challenging. Promoting jam under the Anathoth Farm brand and cordial under the Barker’s New Zealand brand didn’t make sense when we were the same!

So we had a light bulb moment one eve and in an effort to try and work smarter, not harder and to realise our vision of penetrating deeper into the Australian market, we dressed all our products into refreshed Barker’s New Zealand packaging.

We apologise for any confusion, but Anathoth Farm jams have been and still are made by Barker’s. We know many of our loyal fans love the simplicity of our jam, therefore we’ve followed suit and tried to simplify our lives too. We hope you understand.

Thank you for your support!

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