Squeezed Juice

At Barker’s we have a philosophy to use squeezed juices when we can because it delivers the best taste!

What are Squeezed Juices?

They are juices released from fruit which has been pressed. We have the same type of press than many wineries use. It works at low pressures to gently massage the juice out of fruit. The result is the very best flavour and colour.

What are Concentrated Juices?

They are pressed juices that are subjected to a secondary concentration progress. Concentration is achieved by evaporation to remove water at high temperatures and this is where the delicate volatile flavours are lost and the colours are damaged. There is no doubt that the nutritional quality will also be compromised.

This begs the question: why do manufacturers concentrate juices if they know it’s going to damage the quality?

Most of the world’s fruit juices are concentrated before being packaged into drums or tankers and shipped around the world. It’s a technique which keeps the cost of freight and packaging to a minimum and this helps to hold down costs. – but it compromises colour and flavour big time.

Barker’s started off life in 1969 squeezing locally grown fruits to make fruit wines so we just kept on squeezing! We do buy in some juice concentrates because not all fruits are grown locally and we can’t press them all! But we make a big effort to squeeze our own or to buy in squeezed juices (rather than concentrates).

Barker’s fruit cordials containing squeezed juices sold in Australia are:
Barker's of NZ squeezed fruit cordials