Our Story, behind the scenes

Every brand that has an authentic story should tell it.

We were really excited when we found the right people to help us do that. The team at Ruff & Tumble have created this most fabulous video which tells Michael’s story – our story.

Here’s a bit of what happened behind the scenes.

While the forecast taunted us with rain days on either side,¬†shoot day turned out to be a stunner, albeit a little windy with a healthy Canterbury nor’wester. This challenged the drone in the beautiful Orari Gorge when a gust brought it down in the thick gorse and blackberry bushes on the riverbank!

Orari RiverThankfully our dedicated and fearless leader braved prickles to return the flying technology to finish the days shooting.

Next stop was to catch up and have a yarn with Hamish, our local blackcurrant grower. The McFarlane family farm has been supplying blackcurrants to us for generations, one of those special partnerships spanning some 25 years that enables us to create all sorts of blackcurrant goodness.

Hamish’s faithful companions Molly and Jazz are never far away from him and entertained us with their sheep ‘herding’ ability among the rows of blackcurrants.

blackcurrants and dogThe day finished up with an amazing feast on the Barker’s lawn, created by Chef Evan.

His spread of beautiful fresh product, deli cuts and cheeses looked stunning and beautifully framed by the table setting of flowers and greenery mostly foraged on the drive between Christchurch and Geraldine.

delicious foodIf you haven’t seen the final video, do check it out.

Thanks Ruff and Tumble!