You Say

Our newly crafted Fruit Botanical cordials have hit Coles shelves!  So, what do you think?

Taste Testing

I do like the products and appreciate that there are no preservatives or artificial colours. As an asthmatic and generally allergic type of person I am always on the lookout for things without numbers in them. I look forward to seeing them on a shelf near me soon! — Phillipa

Superb, I’m hooked!  — Elke

The new Blackcurrant is delicious. It hasn’t lost any flavour lessening the sugar. I thought the Lemon with Lime, Cucumber & Mint was so refreshing. I loved it! — Bev

I really enjoyed the new flavours, they are terrific – especially the Lemon with Lime, Cucumber & Mint one. The grandies were very excited! — Jan

I will be spreading the word on your fruit syrups as Barker’s are the only brand I can find that are preservative free!  — Robyn

Barker's Fruit Botanicals in AustraliaWhat can I say! They are simply magnificent with ‘squeezed’ being the key word on the label. That is exactly how they taste. The blackcurrants amazed me (it was just like picking them off the bush at Grandmas) the burst of flavour is delicious. Being partial to the odd G&T and Vodka the new lemon mix is an absolute treat over ice. Well done on an outstanding product. — Jackie

Your new blackcurrant is fantastic, I loved it! You have a magnificent product, 10 out of 10. — Adrian

I love the taste of your cordials with less sugar. Keeping them in the fridge makes perfect sense too not just because they don’t have the preservatives other cordials do, but because they’re so refreshing chilled. Win, win! — Julie

We love the new Squeezed Blackcurrants, love the less sugar and intense flavour. Brilliant. Also really like the Lemon with Lime, Cucumber & Mint, very refreshing and great with soda water. — Glenn

Wow. I’ve tried all 3 and they are fantastic. My fav is Lemon with Limes, Cucumber & Mint. — Rhonda

If you’ve tasted our new range we’d love to hear from you! Email us here.