Fruit Cordials

We are proud to present delicious range of 500ml premium crafted cordials. Free from artificial sweetener and gluten, they are refreshing served with soda water, or with a bit of whatever you fancy.

Sometimes less is more. Our new premium crafted cordials have less sugar than our original fruit syrups and don’t contain any natural or artificial sweetener. Because of this major difference compared to all other cordials on supermarket shelves these Squeezed Fruit Botanicals must be kept in your fridge once opened. With less sugar and selected squeezed juices (not from concentrate), they are a little sensitive. So we ask you treat them with care.

Less sugar means they finish in a refined dry style, and don’t leave a syrupy coating in your mouth, allowing you to enjoy more than one glass. All flavours have between 6.4-6.8g of sugar per 100g so provide a perfect thirst quenching refreshment made with the grown ups in mind.

You can find Barker’s of New Zealand Squeezed Fruit Botanicals in the cordial aisle of your local Coles. You can BUY ONLINE in a variety of pick-and-mix packs (you can select your favourite assortment) for Australia-wide delivery too.

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