Apricot Jam

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  • New Zealand apricots
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Gluten and preservative free

  • 455g plastic pot
  • Refrigerate after opening
Previously sold under the Anathoth Farm brand in Australia, our traditional slow cooked jam has the same pot, same makers, but our Barker’s name! Look out for us instore!

Please note:
Because we use whole fruit please take care as you could come across the odd piece of apricot stone

Stockists in Australia:

  • Servings Per 455g Pot: 45
  • Serving Size: 10g
  • INGREDIENTS: Sugar, New Zealand apricots, plus lemon juice concentrate and fruit pectin to help the set
  • Contains 50% NZ Apricots
Avg. ServingPer 10g servePer 100g
Protein, total0g0.5g
- gluten0g0g
Fat, total0g0.1g
- saturated0g0g
- trans0g0g
- sugars6.5g65.4g
Sodiumless than 5mgless than 5mg

LC: 44363


  • Toss through boiled carrots with a little butter, to make them fabulous!
  • It’s the perfect marinade – just mix with Dijon mustard and salt & pepper and spread liberally over chicken.
  • The perfect glaze for baking.