Passionfruit Curd

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We have crafted this delicious premium Passionfruit Curd for all food lovers. From enjoying at breakfast, to adding to your baking and desserts – Barker’s New Zealand Passionfruit Curd will bring a tangy touch to your classic or creative meals. 
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • No preservatives
  • Naturally Gluten Free
  • NZ butter, NZ eggs
  • Made in New Zealand
  • 400g plastic pot
  • Refrigerate after opening

Please note: We don’t add emulsifiers so our curd may naturally separate. This is OK, just mix to combine.

Stockists in Australia:
  • Woolworths
Servings Per 40g Pot: 40
Serving Size: 10g
INGREDIENTS: Sugar, passionfruit pulp 18%, water, NZ eggs 8.5% (whole eggs, egg yolk), NZ butter 8% (cream, salt), lemon juice from concentrate, thickener (modified maize starch), salt, natural flavour, natural colour (beta carotene), emulsifier (433), green tea extract (a natural antioxidant to keep it fresh). 

Avg. ServingPer 10g servePer 100g Energy117kJ 1166kJ Protein, total0.2g1.7g - gluten0mg0g Fat, total1.2g7.6mg - saturated0.5g4.6g Carbohydrate5.0g50.2g - sugars4.8g47.7g Sodium16mg163mg
LC: 44371
    • Simply delicious slathered over toast or scones.
    • Perfect to add to home made slices. 
    • Drizzle over frozen yoghurt or a bowl of creamy vanilla ice-cream.
    • Simplify your baking by using in cakes, tarts, pies, steamed puddings and loaves. 
    • Add to cream cheese to make a delicious frosting for your muffins and cupcakes.
    • Make a delicious dessert parfait by layering crushed meringues, Greek yoghurt and passionfruit curd. Or... replace the meringues with muesli to turn it into a delicious breakfast parfait.