Raspberry Jam

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  • Made in New Zealand
  • Gluten free
  • Preservative free

  • 455g plastic pot
  • Refrigerate after opening

Please note:

  • We prefer to use New Zealand fruit but NZ no longer grows a sufficient quantity of suitable raspberries so we source good quality raspberries from Chile and actively encourage new plantings in New Zealand.
Stockists in Australia:
  • Servings Per 455g Pot: 45
  • Serving Size: 10g
  • INGREDIENTS: Raspberries, plus lemon juice concentrate and fruit pectin to help the set. 
  • Contains 50% Raspberries
Avg. ServingPer 10g servePer 100g
Protein, total0.1g0.7g
- gluten0g0g
Fat, total0g0.4g
- saturated0g0g
- trans0g0g
- sugars6.3g62.8g
Sodiumless than 5mgless than 5mg

LC: 44364


  • Make your vinaigrette simply outstanding by adding a dollop of raspberry jam and shaking or blending well.
  • We love smearing this jam generously on croissants and bagels.
  • Perfect for jam tarts and Louise cake.