Three Berry Jam

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  • New Zealand strawberries, boysenberries & blackcurrants
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Gluten free
  • Preservative free

  • 455g plastic pot
  • Refrigerate after opening

Stockists in Australia:
  • Servings Per 455g Pot: 45
  • Serving Size: 10g
  • INGREDIENTS: Sugar, NZ strawberries, boysenberries & blackcurrants, plus lemon juice concentrate and fruit pectin to help the set
  • Contains 50% NZ mixed berries
Avg. ServingPer 10g servePer 100g
Energy114kJ 1140kJ
Protein, total0.1g0.5g
- gluten0g0g
Fat, total0g0.2g
- saturated0g0g
- trans0g0g
- sugars6.4g64.1g
Sodiumless than 5mgless than 5mg

LC: 44362


  • Perfect served with freshly baked scones.
  • Slather inside your home-made sponge with whipped cream.