Ice Spheres: entertainers’ delight

The humble ice cube has come of age.

One ice ‘cube’ making a resurgence is the Ice Sphere (aka Ice Ball) adding flair to summer entertaining.

Some people like a splash of water in their whisky, while others like an ice cube or two to chill it (which inevitably melts and dilutes the whisky over time, much to the disdain of many).  Round ice helps solve the dilemma – it’s all about volume and surface area. So while ice balls may be old hat for some spirit drinkers, it’s becoming more on trend for experimental foodies looking to impress.

Ice SpheresHow do you make Ice Balls?

Making the perfect sphere is difficult. A quick internet search shows various freezing moulds and contraptions, however we’ve gone for  simple DIY ingenuity with the help of a balloon and a couple of skewers! 

For a made-to-measure ice sphere, first you’ll need to select the glass of honour (otherwise your ice balls will be too big, or not quite big enough to make a statement).


You’ll need:
  • 2  x glasses that water-filled balloons can be suspended in whilst in freezer
  • 2 x sturdy skewers or chopsticks to tie balloons to and to suspend over each glass
  • 2 x balloons
  1. Take one balloon, open the neck and slide it over the kitchen tap. Slowly turn on the water flow and fill the balloon with enough water to make a small sphere (to fit into a martini glass or glass you’ve chosen).
  2. Tie the balloon to the chopstick, suspend it over the glass, and repeat.
  3. Place glasses with balloons in freezer overnight.
  4. Take frozen balloons out of freezer. Run under a tap for a few seconds, then cut and peel away balloon. Discard balloon and place ice-sphere in the glass ready for your favourite tipple or cocktail.

Now you know how, here’s a few cocktail ideas that we’ve made with ice spheres: Love Potion Cocktail and Blackcurrant & Blueberry Iceball Cocktail.

Blackcurrant & Elderflower Cocktail

Try experimenting by making extra large ice balls for a party punch bowl:

  • Generously fill balloons with water until they form a nice round shape when rested on a hard surface.
  • Rather than suspend the balloons in glasses, tie off the balloon and nestle it in some tin foil to stop it from toppling, then freeze. 
  • Once frozen, follow the steps as above – cut and peel away balloon and adorn your favourite punch bowl or pitcher jug.
Have fun this summer! Enjoy.