How to remove a blackcurrant stain

Blackcurrants can leave a very vibrant, ingrained stain whether from fresh berries or its juice. If not tackled when fresh, these stains can be a nightmare to remove.

In one form or another, we’ve tackled blackcurrants stains for decades and have some helpful advice. While our method may not be 100% fool-proof in every instance, it certainly has saved many a shirt, tea towel and certainly substantially minimised an insurance job on the carpet on more than one occasion! 

How we remove blackcurrant stains

The main success behind our stain removal method is to flush out the bulk of the stain before it does any further damage. Timing is everything!  The quicker you tend to a blackcurrant stain, the better the result will be.

If you are dealing with fruit pulp itself, scrape off as much as you can immediately to minimise how much is absorbed in the fabric (whether shirt or carpet).

On white cotton/linen:

The process for a natural stain (like juice) is to flush with a fast flow of boiling hot water to force the stain out without residue or discolouration. This is particularly effective when turning the fabric inside out so the flow of water forces the stain the same way it came in. 

Some sources say to only use cold water, but we believe flushing out the stain with boiling water is best — particularly on white fabric (such as your shirt, tea towel etc). Over the years we’ve tried both cold and boiling water, and we find the latter works well. 

  1. Sponge as much of the liquid off as possible.
  2. Turn fabric inside out and pour boiling hot water directly onto stain from a height (be sure to avoid splatters). eg: place fabric in the kitchen sink and hot water from elbow height!
  3. While you are boiling the jug for the next round, keep the fabric moist.
  4. Repeat until stain runs clear. 
stain5stain3 Depending on the grain, there may still be a faded, stubborn remnant of a stain that refuses to depart. As mentioned it’s not 100% foolproof but believe us, this will help a long way to save your precious garment. 

We then suggest pre-soaking with EcoStore’s laundry soaker/stain remover and wash as soon as possible, as per the garment care label.

On the carpet:

Using a damp sponge, immediately dab as much of the liquid away as possible, working outwards from the centre of the stain. The same applies as before: flush with boiling water over the stain.  We appreciate that it doesn’t feel right; but trust us it works! 

Use ample amounts of boiling water, then blot (or literally ‘tread’) the damp out of the carpet with tea towels. Repeat until clear and allow to air dry.

This is our experience!  If you’ve also had success we’d love to hear from you.